Veggspjöld / Posters

Veggspjaldasýningin fer fram á jarðhæð Öskju föstudaginn 13. október, kl. 17:00

Boðið verður upp á létt snarl og drykki í boði MEDOR á meðan á sýningu stendur. Veggspjöldin verða til sýnis alla ráðstefnuna. Veggspjaldastandarnir verða til tilbúnir á föstudagsmorguninn, 13. október, og er fólk er beðið um að hengja upp spjöldin sín ekki síðar en í hádeginu þann sama dag.  Veggspjöldin skal taka þau niður að ráðstefnu lokinni á laugardaginn.

The poster session will take place on the ground floor of Askja on October 13th, at 17:0

Light refreshments will be provided during the poster session courtesy of MEDOR. Participants are encouraged to hang up their posters no later than 12:00 on the 13th of October and leave them up for the duration of the conference. All posters should be taken down by the end of the conference on Saturday.

Heildarlisti yfir veggspjöld og ágrip / Complete poster listing and abstracts

V1 Nýr landnemi Melanochlamys diomedea (Bergh, 1894) finnst við innanverðan Breiðafjörð
  Svanhildur Egilsdóttir
V2 Assessing colour variation of the common eider, Somateria mollissima, in the Faroe Islands and Iceland.
  Elisabeth Knudsen
V3 First matrilineal catalogue of killer whales in Icelandic waters
  Marie-Thérèse Mrusczok
V4 Dreifing og lifnaðarhættir lúsmýs á Íslandi
  Nína Guðrún Baldursdóttir
V5 Species Diversity of Benthic Invertebrates in Icelandic Waters: comprehensive national database referenced with zoological collection.
  Guðmundur Guðmundsson
V6 Recent species of the subfamily Nodosariinae (Foraminifera) in Icelandic Waters: rare extant survivors of the Last Global Extinction in the deep sea.
  Guðmundur Guðmundsson
V7 Strongyloides stercoralis: 10 years of colonisation attempts through imported dogs in Iceland (2012-2022)
  Guðný Rut Pálsdóttir
V8 Svipfarsbreytileiki og stofngerðir íslenska heimskautarefsins (Vulpes lagopus)
  Anna Bára Másdóttir
V9 Kríur á Snæfellsnesi
  Róbert A. Stefánsson
V10 Vöktun bjargfuglastofna á Íslandi 2009 til 2022
  Snæþór Aðalsteinsson
V11 Neglected diversity of catshark parasites: current knowledge and future perspectives in two distinct study areas
  Andrea Higueruelo
V12 Ecology and effects of digenean infections in the common whelk Buccinum undatum – a case study from Breiðafjörður, Iceland
  Hildur Magnúsdóttir
V13 A chromosome-level genome assembly for the Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta)
  Theodore E. Squires
V14 Epitrancriptomic regulation of RNF168 mRNA Export through known demethylases FTO and ALKBH3.
  Daníel Heiðar Magnússon
V15 Population structure and genetic variation of fragmented mountain birch forests in Iceland
  Snæbjörn Pálsson
V16 Genetic variation and origin of mountain birch on a recently colonized glacial outwash plain by Vatnajökull glacier, southeast Iceland
  Kristinn Pétur Magnússon
V17 MITF’s Neuronal Odyssey: A Focus on Middle-tufted Neurons in the Olfactory Bulb
  Fatich Mechmet
V18 Establishing tools for in vivo study of proteasome function in neurons
  Elísabet Guðmundsdóttir and Isabelle Kristín Tarbox
V19 Exploring the molecular mechanism of the pioneer transcription factor PU.1 at the single-molecule level
  Sigríður St. Hlynsdóttir
V20 Mechanism of BLIMP-1 suppression of DNA damage in Waldenstrom cells
  Díana Ágústsdóttir
V21 Nordic Cereals: Valorisation of Cereal Side Streams for Feed Production
  Elísabet Eik Guðmundsdóttir
V22 Optimizing the methods for cytokine determination following vaccination against equine insect bite hypersensitivity
  Hafdís María Pétursdóttir
V23 Analysis of variation in mtDNA and W-chromosome in White-tailed eagles
  Brynhildur Magnúsdóttir
V24 Evaluation of the dose sparing effects of novel adjuvants and Alum on two different vaccines in a neonatal mouse model.
  Jenny Lorena Molina Estupinan
V25 Comparative study of different prime-boost immunization strategies in early life
  Poorya Foroutan Pajoohian
V26 Infectious salmon anemia outbreak in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in Iceland, first detection of an ISAV HPRdel variant
  Heiða Sigurðardóttir
V27 Lack of Mitf affects the expression of innate immune genes in olfactory bulb
  Kristín Hekla Magnúsdóttir
V28 The effects of Atg7 inhibition on metastasis in Drosophila melanogaster
  Kári Ísleifsson
V29 Development of allosteric glycolysis inhibitors against cancer
  Jens G. Hjörleifsson
V30 Microbial communities and functionality in degraded tundra soil
  Arna Björt Ólafsdóttir
V31 Research-Based Learning as a Valuable Tool in Biotechnology Education
  Eva M. Ingvadóttir
V32 Thermoanaerobacter alcohol dehydrogenases revisited
  Eva M. Ingvadóttir
V33 Víxlverkun: Kynning á fræðsluverkefninu “Örverur í gegnum linsuna”
  Ole Martin Sandberg
V34 Fishing Iceland´s Glacial Rivers for PHA-producing Bacteria
  Sean Michael Scully
V35 Microbial Production of Enantiomerically Pure 1,2-Propanediol
  Silja H. Hlynsdóttir
V36 Biotechnological Potential of Thermophilic Clostridia: Utilization of Caldicellulosiruptor for Chiral Building Blocks
  Sean Michael Scully
V37 Uncovering the mechanisms of carboxylic acid reduction in genus of Thermoanaerobacter
  Jóhann Örlygsson
V38 Unlocking the microbial diversity and the chemical changes throughout the fermentation process of “hákarl”, Greenland shark
  Snorri Páll Ólason
V39 ALKBH3 and FTO: New epitranscriptomic regulators of DNA double-strand break response
  Birta Dröfn Jónsdóttir
V40 SMO Mutation (R173C) and Osteoarthritis: A CRISPR-Based Approach for In-Depth Analysis
  Hlynur Magnússon
V41 Zebrafish as a research model for musculoskeletal diseases
  Íris Ósk Halldórsdóttir
V42 Chondrogenic differentiation of ATDC5 cells in three-dimensional cultures for osteoarthritis research
  Máney Dögg Hjaltadóttir
V43 Deciphering the Molecular Mechanism Behind the Chromatin Remodelling Ability of HMGA Protein Using Single-molecule Spectroscopy
  Mahtab Hafizi Yazdabadi
V44 Heterogeneity of principal neurons in the murine olfactory bulb
  Sana Gadiwalla
V45 Blimp1 interference in cell cycle control in Waldenström Macroglobulinemia.
  Stamatia-Maria Rapti
V46 Structure of the host E3 Ubiquitin ligase complex recruited by the maedi-visna virus Vif protein
  Stefán Ragnar Jónsson
V47 Isoform-specific function of MITF in DNA repair
  Thejus B Venkatesh
V48 Pontin and Reptin are necessary for glial cell development
  Theodóra Björk Ægisdóttir
V49 Effects of FOXA1 oncogenic mutations on its structural assembly
  Kristinn Ragnar Óskarsson
V50 Linking autophagy and aggregate clearance in motor neurons
  Rannveig Kristjánsdóttir
V51 Molecular mechanisms of RHOX5 and RHOX6 in mouse embryonic stem cells and primordial germ cells
  Milan Pieter Paul de Putter
V52 DNA binding enhances activation domain accessibility in pioneer factor Sox2
  Sveinn Bjarnason
V53 hBMSc seeded in Chitosan–Gelatin–Genipin scaffolds show enhanced extracellular matrix mineralization when cultured under perfusion
  Gabriele Boretti
V54 Ecopath with Ecosim – The marine food web in Icelandic waters
  Anika Sonjudóttir
V55 The ´hidden´ parasite diversity of lamniform and carcharhiniform sharks in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  Björn C. Schäffner
V56 Assessment of the parasite fauna of batoid rays in Iceland: new approaches and future implications
  Björn C. Schäffner
V57 Surveying the parasite diversity in plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) off the coast of Iceland for stock discrimination purposes.
  Eve-Marine Pubert
V58 Killer whale (Orcinus orca) occurrence in Icelandic waters and potential connectivity with Norway revealed by passive acoustic monitoring
  Giulia Bellon
V59 Increase in bycatch rates of plunge- and surface feeding seabirds observed while setting and hauling bottom set gillnets equipped with LED lights
  Guðjón Már Sigurðsson
V60 Eru íslenskar hafnir mengaðar?
  Hermann Dreki Guls
V61 Land-based vocal communications among harbor seals (Phoca vitulina)
  Margaret J. Lawler
V62 Otolith Shape Analysis for Stock Identification of Blue Whiting (Micromesistius poutassou) in the Northeast Atlantic
  Svandís Eva Aradóttir
V63 Killer whale (Orcinus orca) occurrence in Icelandic waters and potential connectivity with Norway revealed by passive acoustic monitoring
  Giulia Bellon
V64 Morphological and genetic patterns in common whelks – a common garden experiment and a clinal variation
  Snæbjörn Pálsson
V65 Trends in inorganic arsenic in Icelandic Phaeophyta
  Rebecca Sim
V66 Field experiments to evaluate the effects of amplifying natural ocean processes for carbon dioxide removal
  Hildur Magnúsdóttir
V67 Distribution of deep-sea benthos communities around Iceland, their biodiversity and what factors might be affecting them.
  Bylgja Sif Jónsdóttir
V68 Parasites of haddock: Identification of parasites for use as biological tags
  Tryggvi Gudmundsson
V69 Cetacean Biodiversity in Iceland: to do it Better, do it together!
  Alexandre Paumier
V70 Piridium sociabile – the inconspicuous commonplace parasite
  Ásthildur Erlingsdóttir
V71 LEDs in winter production of tomatoes in Iceland
  Christina Stadler
V72 Which light source is recommended in young plant production in Iceland?
  Christina Stadler
V73 Ágangur fugla á ræktarlöndum -Brýnt að finna sáttaleið
  Hafrún Gunnarsdóttir
V74 Framlag Sigurðar Gunnarssonar (1812-1878) til þekkingar á náttúru Íslands
  Hjörleifur Guttormsson
V75 Remote sensing of salmonid spawning sites in freshwater ecosystems: The potential of low-cost UAV data
  Lieke Ponsioen
V76 Development of allosteric glycolysis inhibitors against cancer
  Jóhann Þórsson
V77 GróGos – Mat á áfallaþoli vistkerfa á áhrifasvæði Skaftárhlaupa gagnvart ákomu sets og fokefna
  Álfur Birkir Bjarnason
V78 Out of the lab and into the wild – Investigating the effects of environmental variability on offspring performance in threespine stickleback
  Franka Hemme
V79 Paralel succession of vegetation communities in four glacial forelands in SE-Iceland
  Hlynur Steinsson
V80 Estimating the effect of seal watching on behaviour and spatial distribution of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) using trail cameras
  Hólmfríður Jakobsdóttir
V81 Roseroot in Iceland: An initial look at three native populations in contrasting habitats
  Mai Duong
V82 Ávaxtaflugur í blíðu og stríðu
  Nína Guðrún Baldursdóttir
V83 Youth for Arctic Nature: Using Place-Based Approaches in Science and Paedology to Engage Youth in the Study of Nature
  Sandra M. Granquist
V84 Það er langtímaverkefni að hamla útbreiðslu lúpínu
  Kristín Svavarsdóttir
V85 Bryophyte diversity as a driver of diverse ecosystem processes in tundra ecosystems
  Bastien Papinot
V86 Patterns of feeding element specialization in Arctic charr populations.
  Kenedy Williams
V87 Using parasite communities to discriminate between ecotypes of threespine sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in lake Þingvallavatn, Iceland
  Guðrún Ósk Sæmundsdóttir
V88 How visible is “Icelandic Agricultural Sciences” in international bibliographic databases?
  Sigurður Ingvarsson