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Málstofuerindi / Seminar talks

E1 Mountain Roads and the Colonization of Non-Native Plants in Icelandic Highlands
  Pawel Wasowicz
E2 Það er langtímaverkefni að hamla útbreiðslu lúpínu
  Kristín Svavarsdóttir
E3 A trophic network of Iceland centred around the American mink (Neogale vison)
  Florian Ruland
E4 Allergenic Pollen in Iceland: Insights from Past, Present, and Future Studies
  Ewa Maria Przedpelska-Wasowicz
E5 Mosarnir í mýrinni
  Ágústa Helgadóttir
E6 Do experienced individuals respond to population variation in nest initiation dates?
  Jón Einar Jónsson
E7 A myxozoan parasite infecting the heart of farmed and wild Arctic charr in Iceland– preliminary results
  Árni Kristmundsson
E8 Recent findings on Parvicapsula pseudobranchicola, a marine myxozoan parasite
  Ásthildur Erlingsdóttir
E9 In Silico Analysis of Missense SNPs in TNFR1a and Their Possible Therapeutic or Pathogenic Role in Immune Diseases
  Maria Arshad
E10 Can Culicoides reconditus (lúsmý) cause summer eczema in horses?
  Sigurbjörg Þorsteinsdóttir
E11 Development of prophylactic and therapeutic treatment for allergy
  Sigríður Jónsdóttir
E12 Specific antibody response is induced by feeding transgenic barley mixture to horses, a possible oral immunotherapy for insect bite hypersensitivity
  Fenja von der Höden
E13 Óvinsælir fuglar í vanda
  Róbert A. Stefánsson
E14 Farm diaries and the link between climate, weather and the resilience of farm management 1700-1950
  Ragnhildur Hemmert Sigurðardóttir
E15 Iceland’s fair share in climate change mitigation
  Aðalbjörg Egilsdóttir
E16 Biodiversity in the city – engaging the public
  Mariana Tamayo
E17 Let´s talk aliens – the role of communication in invasion science
  Theresa Henke
E18 Fjölgun hnúðlaxa (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) í ám á Norður-Atlanshafi
  Hlynur Bárðarson
E19 The fishy mysteries of Thingvallavatn: unravelling Arctic charr habitat utilisation using acoustic telemetry
  Lieke Ponsioen
E20 Body condition in replicate charr populations: trends through time & implications
  Grant Haines
E21 Áhrif hitastigs á seiðastigi á vöxt og kynþroskaaldur bleikju
  Tómas Árnason
E22 Möguleikar á endurheimt lækja og vatna á Mýrum
  Jóhannes Guðbrandsson
E23 The effect of maternal investment on offspring performance in threespine stickleback
  Alessandra Schnider
E24 Spatial variation in cod growth as it relates to economically valuable traits
  Pamela J. Woods
E25 Vöktun og áhrif tríbútýltins (TBT) síðastliðin 30 ár í grennd við íslenskar hafnir
  Halldór Pálmar Halldórsson
E26 Sea-ice microalgae DNA fingerprints as proxies in past climate studies
  Sara Harðardóttir
E27 The impact of changes in fleet composition on the Iceland marine ecosystem
  Jacob Kasper
E28 Maërl beds in the Arctic: Distribution analysis in Icelandic waters
  Urður Ýrr Brynjólfsdóttir
E29 40 years of regular harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) monitoring in Iceland: Conservation status and current threats to the population
  Sandra M. Granquist
E30 The Influence of Structural Variants and Demography on Mutational Loads in Ptarmigan
  Theodore Squires
E31 MITF regulates CDH1 through multiple E-boxes in intronic region.
  Evangeline Breeta Raja David Isac
E32 Chaperoning Neuronal Growth and Resilience
  Sigríður Rut Franzdóttir
E33 Role of Pontin and Reptin in clearance of aggregates in the motor neurons of Drosophila melanogaster
  Morteza Bajgiran
E34 SLC13A5 in the human brain – lessons from in vitro model systems
  Kristín Allison
E35 Visterfðamengjafræði rjúpunnar
  Kristinn Petur Magnusson
E36 The distribution of ants in Icelandic geothermal areas
  Andreas Guðmundsson
E37 Oystercatchers on the move
  Sölvi Rúnar Vignisson
E38 Sharp elbows in a harsh environment: allelopathic effects of Icelandic Empetrum nigrum
  Ingvild Ryde
E39 Líkamsástand rjúpna og stofnbreytingar
  Ólafur K. Nielsen
E40 Langlíft fræ Alaskalúpínu
  Þorvaldur Örn Árnason
E41 The stickleback of Lake Mývatn: detecting microevolutionary change over time using an integrative approach.
  Zophonías Oddur Jónsson
E42 Genomic analysis of common eiders, Somateria mollisima, in Iceland and Faroe Islands
  Snæbjörn Pálsson
E43 Towards piscivory: genetic clues on how to grow large and become a fish eater
  Kalina H. Kapralova
E44 Sources of egg size variation in captive Arctic charr
  Paul Vincent Debes
E45 Genomic architecture informs the evolutionary history of the Atlantic silversides (Menidia menidia)
  Áki Jarl Láruson
E46 Relationship of Trichoptera species in Iceland with other North-Atlantic islands and the mainlands of Europe
  Gísli Már Gíslason
E47 An isoform specific role of autophagy protein ATG7 in cancer
  Clémence Larat
E48 DNA binding enhances activation domain accessibility in pioneer factor Sox2
  Sveinn Bjarnason
E49 The non-melanocyte specific role of MITF as a genome maintainer
  Drífa Hrund Guðmundsdóttir
E50 hBMSc seeded in Chitosan–Gelatin–Genipin scaffolds show enhanced extracellular matrix mineralization when cultured under perfusion
  Gabriele Boretti
E51 Evolutionary conservation of PP2A antagonism and G2/M cell cycle arrest in maedi-visna virus Vif
  Stefán Ragnar Jónsson
E52 Arctic Charr in cycling food webs
  Daison Weedop
E53 Plasticity or consistency? Individual responses of juvenile stream-dwelling Arctic charr to varying predation risk.
  Gabrielle Ladurée
E54 Divergence of functional phenotypes in feeding elements of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) along the benthic – pelagic axis.
  Guðbjörg Ósk Jónsdóttir
E55 How does water flow shape the behaviour, metabolic rate, and growth of Arctic charr in streams?
  Stefán Óli Steingrímsson
E56 Invertebrate diversity in groundwater filled lava caves is influenced by neutral and niche-based processes
  Bjarni Kristjánsson
E57 Af landi ertu komin
  Jón S. Ólafsson
E58 Biotechnological Potential of Thermophilic Clostridia: Utilization of Caldicellulosiruptor for Chiral Building Blocks
  Sean Michael Scully
E59 Uncovering the mechanisms of carboxylic acid reduction in genus of Thermoanaerobacter
  Jóhann Örlygsson
E60 A study of the genomes of Icelandic Renibacterium salmoninarum isolates
  Birkir Þór Bragason
E61 Unlocking the microbial diversity and the chemical changes throughout the fermentation process of “hákarl”, Greenland shark
  Snorri Páll Ólason
E62 Já, já, já og jæja: Icelandic killer whales repeat and combine calls
  Anna Selbmann
E63 Fine- and large-scale distribution of zooplankton and marine snow in the Iceland Basin and Irminger Sea, observed by a Video Plankton Recorder.
  Sólrún Sigurgeirsdóttir
E64 Non-indigenous species and the marine aquarium trade in Iceland
  Joana Micael
E65 Absence of Mitf leads to changes in olfaction without neurodegeneration in aging mice
  Maartje Oostdijk
E66 The alternative oxidase (AOX) increases sulphide tolerance in the highly invasive marine invertebrate Ciona intestinalis
  Katharina Bremer
E67 Distribution and movement of juvenile Atlantic cod ecotypes in nearshore water
  Michelle Valliant
E68 Nest success in ground-nesting birds across land use gradients
  Aldís Erna Pálsdóttir
E69 Enhancement of Soybean Meal Alters Gut Microbiome and Influences Behavior of Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)
  David Benhaïm
E70 Effects of wetland patch size on bird numbers and density
  Aron Alexander Þorvarðarson
E71 To fight or not to fight? Aggressive behaviour adjustment of territorial defence in mammals, with a focus on American mink.
  Menja von Schmalensee
E72 Wintering area and experience effects on spring migration strategies, timing and breeding success in Icelandic-nesting Common Scoters Melanitta nigra
  Snæþór Aðalsteinsson
E73 Food and Fertility – an overview on the special adaptations of the Icelandic Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus)
  Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir
E74 Chemical Crosstalk: Metabolomics of Icelandic Lichens and Pseudomonas syringae in Lichen-Enriched Growth Media
  Natalia Ramírez
E75 Identification and characterization of xylanases from families GH10 and GH11 sourced from intertidal hot-springs
  Lara Chrystina Malta Neri
E76 The thermophilic bacterium Rhodothermus marinus as a cell factory
  Þórdís Kristjánsdóttir
E77 Harnessing endogenous CRISPR-Cas systems for genome editing of the thermophilic bacteria of Thermus, Rhodothermus and Thermoanaerobacterium genera
  Björn Þór Aðalsteinsson
E78 Áhrif mengandi efna á krækling (Mytilus edulis) í höfnum á Suðurnesjum skoðuð með notkun lífmerkja.
  Sandra Dögg Georgsdóttir
E79 Fjölþættar tilraunir á sjávarlífverum á Íslandi
  Einar Pétur Jónsson
E80 Characterising Blue Whiting Population Structure in the Northeast Atlantic: Implications for Sustainable Management
  Brendon Lee
E81 The Ocean Decade: The science we need for the ocean we want
  Hrönn Egilsdóttir
E82 A new mollusc in town: Ensis terranovensis invades Iceland
  Sindri Gíslason
E83 Hiding in plain sight: larval tapeworms provide insights into management of a fish species.
  Haseeb Randhawa
E84 Designing the zebrafish model organism for musculoskeletal disease toolkit
  Abbi Elise Smith
E85 Role of the key autophagy protein ATG7 in vertebrates
  Valgerður J. Hjaltalín
E86 The role of FGD5-AS1 in osteosarcoma
  Zara Ahmad
E87 Riða í sauðfé á Íslandi og nýlegar rannsóknir á mögulega verndandi arfgerðum.
  Stefanía Þorgeirsdóttir
E88 Development of allosteric glycolysis inhibitors against cancer
  Jens G. Hjörleifsson
E89 Mapping short-read sequences to an Icelandic human pangenome
  Hannes Pétur Eggertsson
E90 Exploring the molecular mechanism of the pioneer transcription factor PU.1 at the single-molecule level
  Sigríður St. Hlynsdóttir
E91 Increasing the diagnostic yield of an inflammatory disease cohort – New Mechanisms Underlying A Severe Form of Scleroderma
  Brynja Matthiasardottir
E92 Effects of FOXA1 oncogenic mutations on its structural assembly
  Kristinn Ragnar Óskarsson
E93 Going natural – Native-like nucleosomes to study the binding dynamics of pioneer transcription factor Sox2
  Kinga Sofia Demény