Gísli Másson

Gísli Másson is the Vice President of Informatics at deCODE genetics. He completed a PhD degree in mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1991. After graduation, he moved to Stockholm University where he taught and researched mathematics until joining deCODE genetics as a research scientist in year 2000.

While at deCODE, Gisli’s primary task has been to develop systems to help manage and analyse the data stemming from new technologies that are capable of generating data from biological samples at an ever-growing rate.

Publications list: https://scholar.google.is/citations?user=QVeIFngAAAAJ

Title: Human genetics as big data science.
Abstract: In recent years, several new data acquisition technologies have become available which in turn has resulted in a literal flood of data in human genetics and other fields of biology. This flood has both been a boon and a curse. While scientists probably always welcome having more data to work with and the data have led to several new discoveries, these large amounts of data have proven quite disruptive in many ways. Scientists have had to learn to carry out their research in different ways and new methods, both in data analysis and in data management, have been developed. In the lecture, some of these technologies and their impact on work at deCODE genetics will be described.