Sviperfðir í krabbameinum – Ólafur Andri 14. nóv.

Föstudags fyrirlestur líffræðinnar 14. nóvember.
12:30 til 13:10 Askja í stofu 131.

Olafur Andri Stefansson sérfræðingur við lífvísindasetur HÍ mun halda erindi um rannsóknir sínar, sem hann stundaði m.a. í Barcelona.

Erindið verður á ensku.

Exploring the epigenetic landscape of cancer

In recent years, technological progress in DNA sequencing has led to growing knowledge on genetic mutations in cancers. A prominent observation across many different cancer types is that mutation are found in genes known to be involved in regulating chromatin dynamics. The consequences are reflected in the epigenetic landscape, i.e. in the abnormal pattern of chromatin marks seen in cancer genomes. By using the recently developed Infinium 450K methylation microarrays (Illumina), the analysis of breast cancer methylomes have provided novel insights into the biology of aggressive breast cancer subtypes. In this presentation, I will discuss recent advances in cancer epigenetics and practical implications for patients in general together with results that have emerged from my project as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Cancer Epigenetics and Biology Program (Barcelona, Spain).

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