Biology in Iceland 2015

Conference on biology in Iceland November 5. – 7. 2015.

The Icelandic Biological Society with special support frm the Biology institute at the University of Iceland, announces the Biannual conference on biology in Iceland November 5. – 7. 2015.

The conference is open to studies on all aspects of biology.

In contrast to previous conferences, the number of talks will be limited (between 80-90), and few other organizational novelties will be introduced. The conference opens with plenary talk and honorary awards.

Several topic specific sessions will be available. Those interested in organizing specific sessions or associated workshops, should contact the organizers before August 10th. One topic session has been decided, on the ecology of geothermal regions, in junction with Jon S. Olafsson and collaborators.

The conferences concludes with the bi-annual Biology ball. Details to follow.

The conference is organized by the Icelandic Biology Society, the University of Iceland, with special support from Holar University College, and other institutes (details to follow).

The board/organizing committee.

Guðmundur Á. Þórisson

Hlynur Bárðarson
Lovísa Ólöf Guðmundsdóttir
Hrönn Egilsdóttir
Arnar Pálsson