Um loftslagsmál og umhverfi

Við viljum benda félagsmönnum á tvo athyglisverða viðburði um loftslagsmál og umhverfi.

February 25th – University of Iceland, Reykjavík:

The Ostrich or the Phoenix?: Dissonance or creativity in a changing climate

A lecture by Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester and former Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research on the topic of confronting climate change. More information…

February 26th – Bíó Paradís, Reykjavík’s art-house cinema:

Merchants of Doubt: Screening and Q&A with Erik Conway

Earth101, in collaboration with Stockfish, European Film Festival in Reykjavik, presents the special screening of Robert Kennar’s shocking documentary Merchants of Doubt followed with a Q&A session with Professor Erik Conway, co-author, with Naomi Oreskes, of the famous book criticizing the deliberate production of misleading knowledge on climate change by stakeholders in the fossil fuel industry. More information…

March 1st 13.00–17.00, in Háskólatorg (room HT-105), University of Iceland.

Hot future, cold war – Climate science and climate understanding

Guðni Elísson: “Earth2015”
Gavin Schmidt: “Simulating the emergent patterns of climate change”
Erick Fernandes: “Turn Down the Heat – Why a 4oC Warmer World Must be Avoided”
Kevin Anderson: “Delivering on 2°C: evolution or revolution?
Erik M. Conway: “Merchants of Doubt: How Climate Science Became a Victim of the Cold War”

Moderator: Halldór Björnsson