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Líffræðiráðstefnan 2019

Erindi/veggspjald / Talk/poster E74

Pathogen inactivation with amotosalen plus UVA illumination: Impact on platelet factor release in to storage media of platelet concentrates during storage under standard blood banking conditions.

Höfundar / Authors: Niels Arni Arnason1, Freyr Johannson2, Ragna Landrö1, Björn Hardarsson1, Sveinn Gudmundsson1, Aina-Mari Lian4, Janne Elin Reseland4, Ottar Rolfsson2, and Olafur E. Sigurjonsson1,3,*

Starfsvettvangur / Affiliations: 1 The Blood Bank, Landspitali - The National University Hospital of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland 2 Department of Medicine, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland 3 School of Science and Engineering, Reykjavik University, Reykjavik, Iceland 4 Institute for clinical dentistry, University of Oslo

Kynnir / Presenter: Níels Árni Árnason

Platelets concentrates can be stored for a maximum of 5-7 days due to risk of pathogen contamination and platelet storage lesion (PSL). PSL is a collective term of variety of factors that contribute to the deterioration of platelet quality during storage. To reduce the risk of pathogen contamination, methods have been developed that render pathogens inactive (PI) in platelet concentrates prior to storage. During storage platelet factors (Cytokines/Growth Factors/Chemokines) are released in to the storage media. Accumulation of these factors is can contribute to the onset and acceleration of PSL in addition some high concentration of specific factors can cause adverse events in patients receiving a platelet transfusion Aim.
To investigate the effects of PI on selected miRNAs in buffy coat generated platelets stored for 7 days under standard blood banking conditions.
Study design and methods Using a pool and split strategy 2 identical single dose units where generated that originated from 24 whole blood donors (n=8) One unit received PI treatment (PI-PAS) and the other one left untreated as a control (C-PAS). Samples were collected on days 1 (baseline) and 2,4 and 7 of storage. A panel of 36 platelet factors was analyzed in storage media using Luminex bead assay.
In PI treated units a significant drop in concentration was observed in 10 out of 36 platelet factors from day 1 to day 2 of storage compared to untreated units. After day 2 of storage until day 7 platelet factor release displayed a similar pattern of gradual increase in treatment and control groups.
Specific platelet factors released in to storage media during storage of platelet concentrate are affected by PI treatment.