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Líffræðiráðstefnan 2019

Erindi/veggspjald / Talk/poster E45

Conserving biological diversity

Höfundar / Authors: Bjarni K. Kristjánsson, Skúli Skúlason og Camille Leblanc

Starfsvettvangur / Affiliations: Háskólinn á Hólum

Kynnir / Presenter: Bjarni K. Kristjánsson

Biological diversity can be explored at multiple levels, from individual diversity to the diversity of ecosystems. Commonly, conservation of biological diversity has focused on the species. However, the species is a human made concept, and there are numerous species definitions. At the same time studies have shown that diversity within species (e.g. the evolution of specific populations and morphs) can influence communities and ecosystems as much as diversity among species. Here, we will discuss this, with an emphasis on the importance to think about biodiversity as a whole and move the focus of conservation from patterns of diversity to the processes that shape it.