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Líffræðiráðstefnan 2019

Erindi/veggspjald / Talk/poster E24

AlienCSI: A current COST action on invasive species and citizen science.

Höfundar / Authors: Snorri Sigurðsson

Starfsvettvangur / Affiliations: Reykjavíkurborg, Umhverfis- og auðlindaráðuneytið

Kynnir / Presenter: Snorri Sigurðsson

Citizen science is a popular and a well established method in Europe for both data collection and science communication. A high diversity of projects exist in multiple countries on various topics. Invasive species is one such topic of high importance due to the severity and increase in the numbers and distribution of exotic invasive species in both terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats all over Europe often with dire consequences for native biota and ecosystems.
An ongoing COST action titled ""Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science"" is a fantastic platform to communicate and integrate projects and promote collaboration between countries. Iceland is a participant in the action and there is great potential for initiating citizen science projects about invasive species in Iceland.