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Líffræðiráðstefnan 2017

Erindi/veggspjald / Talk/poster E1

Adjustments to resent changes in the ecosystem around Iceland

Höfundar / Authors: Hörður Sævaldsson

Starfsvettvangur / Affiliations: 1. Háskólinn á Akureyri

Kynnir / Presenter: Hörður Sævaldsson

The Icelandic pelagic industry is significant part of the nation’s fishing industry. Recent changes in the ecosystem around Iceland have carried valuable pelagic species such as mackerel to the EEZ, while other cold-water species such as capelin have declined. The climate changes, along with technological changes, has altered the Icelandic pelagic industry substantially. The pelagic companies have adjusted to these changes, number of vessels and fishmeal factories have been scrapped and processing for human consumption has increased with advances in processing technology. The core of the Icelandic pelagic industry is nevertheless the marine ecosystem around the country. But, on the other hand have the Icelandic authorities, i.e. government and parliament, adjusted to recent changes in the ecosystem?